Windows Bugfix Update v1.0.1

I would like to give my sincerest thanks to everyone checking out my game, and my apologies to those who have had problems. 

This release fixes a few of the most prominent issues on Windows. Linux and macOS updates are not guaranteed right now due to other responsibilities, but I will try to have them available as soon as possible!

Changelog (Win64)

  • fix config issues, too strict formatting and unreliable. _2020-06-13_
  • make animations in the editor disable-able. _2020-06-13_
  • change Lua timeout to be time-based rather than by instruction count only. _2020-06-14_
  • fix boot screen on Windows. _2020-06-14_
  • make boot screen disable-able! (`_config.disable_boot_screen`) _2020-06-14_
  • fix "folder" command on Windows. _2020-06-14_
  • vertical scrollbars don't update during drag. _2020-06-14_
  • vertical scrollbars' handles have off-by-one rendering errors! _2020-06-14_
  • get Windows projector build working. _2020-06-14_

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Jun 19, 2020

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